Top Four Construction Fields to Target Wealthy Clients

Working in construction is a hard job, given all the manual labor associated with the various tasks performed by workers. However, both working in construction and running a construction company can offer plenty of opportunities to make good money. Here is a look at the top four construction fields to target wealthy clients.

Automated Gate Installations

It is not the type of service that is really talk about, but the popularity of automated gates is starting to rise at a fairly rapid rate. Both commercial and residential property owners are beginning to realize the value of having these gates installed on their property, especially as the cost of the gates themselves is beginning to go down thanks to superior technologies and construction methods.

solar-panel-installationsSolar Panel Installations

The world is continuing to evolve and as we learn more about the environment and our impact on it, the more we try and minimize our carbon footprint. With energy costs continuing to rise, many companies and homeowners take the decision to have solar panels installed in as many areas as possible. For a home, solar panels can easily power every appliance being used on the property. And installing these solar panels is high paying work. Homeowners are willing to pay a pretty penny to have these installed, since they are going to save thousands of dollars in energy bills over the coming years.


It may not seem like a lucrative field, but landscaping is one of those aspects of construction work that is never going to go out of style. Most wealthy companies and homeowners want their outside areas to look as inviting and beautiful as possible. If you have ever noticed the wonderful plants and flowers outside people’s homes, or major office buildings, you can probably thank a landscaping company for the work they have done. Owning a landscaping company comes with some overhead costs, but it is fairly easy to make back those expenses by nabbing a few wealthy clients.

managersConstruction Managers

Being a construction manager is most definitely not an easy job, but it is a fairly lucrative one from a financial standpoint. When a wealthy individual or company is looking to have construction work completed, they do not want to deal with the day-to-day activities associated with these projects. That is why they choose to hire construction managers, who are tasked with ensuring the project is progressing in an appropriate way. Construction managers are tasked with hiring sub-contractors and making sure every aspect of the construction work is being completed properly.