About Us

Hello! If you are reading this now, then it is a fair bet that you probably already know a little bit about what we do and who we are, but we will start at the beginning, just in case.

We are a close knit community of scientists, designers and other technology experts who have all clubbed together to provide this valuable online resource about our work and research into safety products.

Initially formed by only a few, working in design technology and construction, we have been seeking to make the lives of everyone– from construction workers to the general public –a lot more safe.

Construction is of course still a massively risky enterprise for workers and anything, be it work wear or practical safety devices that helps make it more safe, is something we wish to encourage.

Since 2011 we have been hosting a series of exhibitions, featuring the work and patented ideas of the best and most innovative designers working in this exciting and crucial field.

This year will be our fifth exhibition since we started and now we have over 500 people contributing towards it. Although the exact venue is yet to be decided, it will not be long before this event is officially announced, so keep checking back for updates!

What started as a practical challenge, between two or three designers, to see who could invent the best type of face visor for building site use, has expanded into an annual display of the most innovative designs and smartest technology on offer in the world of construction today.

If you are an employer or even a manual worker in the construction business, you simply cannot afford to ignore this event as it will be relevant to you and may save you in time taken off in accidents and other days lost due to site safety issues. Who knows, it may even save someone their lives.